3 Most Important Reasons for Low Libido in Men

The most common opinion is that men do not have any kind of a problem with libido. But, in fact, that is not the complete truth. According to some studies, men also experience the decrease in sexual desire – although less than women. Moreover, some studies show that while 43% of females experience the drop in sex drive, male population follows the percentage by showing the result of 31%.

As it is a sexual dysfunction, low level of libido may cause depression, anxiety, mood swings and, more importantly, problems in your marriage. In order to solve a problem with low sex drive, one has to find a cause of the problem since it can be related to either physical or emotional issue.

As men that suffer from low libido also experience anxiety for not being able to have sex, some scientists and doctors have come up with a few solutions. As testosterone, a sex hormone, plays the key role in boosting your libido, here are a few reasons why you should try to speed up your testosterone production.

1. Getting Older

As aging causes hormonal changes within our bodies, male sex drive can be reduced significantly when we get older. One of the hormones that affects one’s libido is testosterone, a primarily sex hormone. When men turn certain age, testosterone level drops a bit each year. There are ways to improve the production of this hormone and improve sexual desire as well. For instance, including specific kinds of food in your diet may activate the hormone’s production and increase your libido.

Some people have succeeded in enhancing their sexual drive by both exercising in a gym (since exercise balances hormonal levels) and including a natural testosterone-boosting supplement like testogen in their diet. The benefits of testosterone boosting pills are related to having more energy during training and in enhanced production of testosterone.

2. Stress

Everyday stress caused by “simple” (and sometimes referred to as insignificant) stuff can have a bad influence on your life. Problems with finances, pressure related to kids and other can significantly contribute to both communication with your partner and drop in sexual desire.

To be able to deal with this kind of stress and increase your sex drive, doctors can prescribe testosterone additives that will affect your spirit and help you keep a positive mood during a day.  You should also try to find an emotional balance with your partner, as there should be a mutual understanding between you two so your bedroom life may start to flourish again.

3. Emotional Problems

Many psychologists state that problems with the emotions could cause some serious difficulties with a person’s sexuality. Depression and nervousness could create a blockage and may result in erectile dysfunction. Not only the anxiety may cause a low libido, it could also lower your self-esteem because of the bad physical connection between you and your partner.

Emotional issues also affect physiological processes so, if not treated the way they should, they could negatively affect your hormonal balance, thus decrease your sexual desire even more.

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